ESGV Varbergs Flygklubb


Varbergs airfield, ESGV, is located on “Getterön” just NW of Varberg, Sweden. It is an approved airfield for general aviation. The active landing strip 12/30 is marked with red and white cones and provides 550 m for take-off. The threshold of runway 30 is displaced by 50 m to provide a clear approach over the road, Getterövägen.

NOTE: Runway 06/24 has been closed by environmental court ruling and may only be used by aircraft with specific permission.

Airfield elevation is 3 ft (1 m) ASL. The airfield is well drained although the surface softens during periods of heavy rainfall. Airfield access can be problematic, especially during the winter. Snow is normally not cleared. PPR applies during the winter up to April 15. Call VFK at +46 340-19800 or direct to Field monitor Svante Andersen 070-3668370. The airfield is situated between a bird sanctuary and an extensive recreational area on Getterön with numerous seasonal and permanent residences.

During the summer, Getterön is one of Varbergs most popular beach and bathing areas and therefore we must take specific consideration regarding noise disturbances over the area.

Traffic Rules

In order to minimize noise disturbances, we use a left traffic circuit at 1000 ft. Avoid flying over buildings, beaches, and the Getterön bird sanctuary. ESGV is situated under Gothenburg TMA which has its base starting at 4500 ft MSL.

Landningskort ESGV

ESGV chart (från Svenska Flygfält)(pdf-dokument)

NOTE NOTE: This chart is for reference only! Varbergs Flying Club does not guarantee that it is the latest version. It is always the pilots responsibility to ensure that the most current plates are used!


  • Varbergs Flying Club: 123.150
  • Sweden CTRL: 124.855
  • Göteborg approach: 124.680

Fuel and Oil

The following fuels and oil are available at the airfield:

  • Avgas 100 LL Hjelmco
  • Avgas 91/96 UL Hjelmco
  • Olja Shell W

We accept cash or card payment.


Additional notes of interest


Bicycles are available for rent. Contact the cafe.


In line with the airfields fueling station there are a number of parking spots with anchor points marked out by car tires. Park with nose to North unless there are strong winds from the South.


Normally we always have coffee, soda, sandwiches, and biscuits available to enjoy in our Café


Find a hotel in Varberg. (NOTE: Links to a page in Swedish)

Rental Car

Heimroths Car Rental, +46 340-67 57 60